Lights Up
   A Driven Dance Theater Romance Novella


He’s a fiery celebrity chef. And I freeze when the lights come up.


Right after I’ve blown another audition, we meet.

Dane Forest gets under my skin.

He pushes all my buttons.

He’s also my best friend’s crush, and he’s off-limits.


I run into Dane on the street.

I run into him at his restaurant.

I run into him at a party.


He taunts me. Feeds me. Pushes me to face my greatest fear.


Dance is my life.

I don’t want to give up.

And I don’t want to leave New York.

Unless I make the cut soon, I will have no choice.


Dancing with fire could be dangerous.

It could also set me free.


Author note: Lights Up is a standalone book from the Driven Dance Theater Series. It can be read as book one or on its own. It’s meant for adult audiences and has 31,000 words.


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Curtain Call
   Driven Dance Theater, Book 1.



I am just one more dancer on a mission in New York City, sleeping on a studio couch.

I’ve spent my last five dollars.

My bag is gone.

There’s no one left to call.


Until he gives me a break.


He’s the Kent Morgan.





I call him my director.

My dance partner calls him the God.

And like all gods, he’s terrifying, mysterious, and the greatest thing to ever happen to the art form.


I came back to this city to give the performance of my life—before it’s too late.

Kent Morgan is my best shot.

But the world is turning against us.

And when the God sets his sights on me, I don’t know how to resist.


Turns out the performance of my life might just happen behind the curtain.

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Closing Night
   Driven Dance Theater, Book 2 - Standalone.


Patrick Moss was one of us. More importantly, he was mine.

Until he became famous.

He traded our love in for his career, and it paid off.

So how can I blame him?


Me, I live to work.

I’m the resident costume designer at Driven Dance Theater, and I have everything I need: dancers who need me, a steady supply of Americanos, and a healthy obsession with designer clothes.

Who needs love?

I have a reputation to uphold.


At Driven, we’re family.

But now he’s back with those killer green eyes, and the company isn’t big enough for the both of us.

Especially after closing night—and one delicious moment of weakness.


His music may be the best.

Our director may need all the help he can get.

This company may be in serious trouble.

But we had a deal.


That’s why I’m quitting.

Unless Patrick quits first.

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