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I love ​creating characters who surprise me at every turn and take me into their imaginary world. I love to see a story come to life and forget that my fingers are doing the typing. I also love to move my body, and have been privileged to be the one on the stage. Being under the lights is a magical experience, and my novels allow me to relive it. You can find me immersed in nature when I’m not behind a computer screen. Kale is my go-to veggie, and my favorite fruit is the papaya. Reading, writing, hiking, and SUP are a few of my favorite activities, as well as traveling as long as the destination is pet friendly. I am madly in love with my Pomchi—Pomeranian-Chihuahua cross—who makes me smile every day. 

I started my first novel as I was transitioning out of my performance career and living in a cabin in the Pacific Northwest wilderness. It is set in the New York City dance world. It has taken many turns to become what it is a contemporary romance series of bold-hearted characters falling in love while navigating their dreams in a competitive city. Sign up for my newsletter to keep updated and receive a free novella from the series.  

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