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BACKSTAGE DEAL ~ Driven Dance Theater Romance Series, book 4 is AVAILABLE NOW!


Lindsay Thompson has one wish: to make her professional debut before her world comes crashing down. 

So she can’t afford any distractions—and that includes City Ballet’s notorious principal dancer, Lake Leduc. But on her very first day, she finds herself in the middle of one of his childish pranks.

It’s hate at first meet.

Lake is mad at the world. Ever since his ugly breakup with City Ballet’s prima, he’s been leaning into his bad-boy reputation. The doe-eyed new apprentice wants none of it, but Lake has a way of getting under Lindsay’s skin and softening the edges of her harsh reality.

Catastrophe looms, but the princess and the playboy discover they just might be able to rescue each other. The only catch? They’ll have to get real—and take a gamble on the only four-letter word Lake is afraid to use…

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